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About Paul Hurlock -The Renaissance Man
Paul Hurlock is one most talented person in Jamaica. An accomplished musician, songwriter and performer and yes -inventor, he invented the only fully solar energy powered car in Jamaica. Read More>>
The Electrogen - Paul Unique Invention
The Electrogen
Originally, the vehicle was designed to use fuel cell, (Proton Exchange Membrane) and microturbine technology. Read More>
Jamaica Historical Trail
Jamaica Historical TrailOn his two acre property his planning what he calls "The Jamaica Historical Trail", a miniature theme park with 12 components portraying an Arawak Indian village, A village of the Maroons Read More>>
Paul's Unique Guitar

Another of Paul's invention is the Midi guitar - capable of replicating hundred of different sounds. One of a kind in the world. Read More>>
Day O Plantation Restaurant
Day O Plantation RestaurantThe Day O Plantation Restaurant was designed and build by Paul Hurlock, and operated by Paul and his wife Jennifer at Fairfield, Montego Bay,surrounded by a colourful tropical garden, it offers the finest in Jamaican and foreign cuisine. Visit Day O Plantation Restaurant Website>
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